Code of Conduct

Community Code of conduct

The UNIQUE student affair committee strives to build a community where acceptance and respect are among its most important values. Behavior that violates the code of conduct will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in such behavior will be banned or expelled from corresponding events or media.

The main important concept ruling this code of conduct is respect. Respect can take many forms:

  • respect of the origins (physical appearance, nationality, ethnicity, etc.)
  • respect of the beliefs (religious, cultural, etc.)
  • respect of the age
  • respect of the gender identity (or preferences)
  • respect of the status
  • respect regarding physical or mental handicap
  • respect regarding personal experiences (academic and others)
  • respect regarding differences in general

Difference is what makes each individual unique, and what allows each of us to bring our special contribution to our research community. It shouldn’t be used to discriminate, it should be encouraged and supported. Because UNIQUE is a multidisciplinary organization consolidating neuroscience and artificial intelligence, its student members have different academic and experiential backgrounds. This variety is important and allows us to push forward the boundaries of scientific research. We all have our specialties and we can all learn from each other.


Should you encounter a situation that makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible to or to any member of the Studen Affairs committee. The Student Affairs Committee will contact you for a follow-up, and proceed to appropriate actions.